Bengt Mattson

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Igår hade jag den stora äran att agera ordförande i den nya strategiska kommittén för Ansvarsfullt företagande (eller Trust and Reputation på engelska) på LIF (branschföreningen för de forskande läkemedelsföretagen i Sverige). Ansvarsfullt företagande är som väl alla förstår ett område som intresserar mig enormt. Denna kommitté kommer ge oss möjlighet att på strategisk nivå få diskutera en mängd olika frågor som är viktiga för oss som industri, viktiga för hälsa- och sjukvården och den enskilda patienten, och faktiskt viktiga för hela samhället! Några av de perspektiv som jag tycker är viktiga vad gäller Ansvarsfullt företagande hittar du i mitt blogginlägg från 19 oktober 2011.

Yesterday I had the honour to chair the first meeting of the new LIF strategic committee on Trust and Reputation (or in Swedish: "Ansvarsfullt företagande" which is actually directly translated into Corporate Responsibility). Not surprising to anyone, I find the field of Corporate Responsibility and Trust & Reputation to be extremely interesting. The new committee will provide us with an arena where we will be able to discuss a lot of very important issues for us in industry, for healthcare and for individual patients, and actually for society as a whole. I will of course come back here at the blog to the disscussions within this new committee several times in the future. Let me just now give some examples of topics to bear in mind when Corporate Responsibility and Trust & Reputation is discussed. This list of topics are built upon the ideas I presented back in my blog post from Oct 19, 2011, when I discussed the basis for a CSR-platform for the pharmaceutical industry.

- Business ethics: The Ethical Rules (LER), with agreements for all collaborations with health care professionals and patient advocacy groups, and a very strong self regulation system with the LIF Compliance Officer, NBL and IGM

- Patient Safety initiatives are fundamental to our industry. It is so fundamental there there is a LIF Strategic Committee on Patient Safety. This will of course help our committee's discussion on this topic very much!

- Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation: Once again a topic of fundamental importance in our industry, and once again there is a Strategic Committee in LIF focusing just this topic. R&D and Innovation is what makes us unique (as compared with the generic pharmaceutical industry), and our innovation processes holds the key to our most important delivery to society: treatment and cure of diseases.

- Fass.se, with factual information on pharmaceutical products to health care professionals as well as the public (including the world unique collection of environmental data for pharmaceutical substances). There is also a Strategic Committee in LIF for FASS.

- The environmental programs

- The Swedish Drug Insurance Scheme

- The initiatives related to the fight against counterfeited pharmaceuticals, including 2D-coding

- Discussions around Quality of the healthcare system and Financing of the healthcare system. Aspects around quality and financing of healthcare is also so fundamental to everything we do that a Strategic Committee has been put in place at LIF.

- Prevention and health promotion initiatives, such as the ones I have discussed here at the blog previously.

- Equal healthcare and access to medicines and adequate healthcare

- The pharmaceutical industry and the developing world, with several good examples as the ones I described here at the blog in October 2010 after my visit to Uganda (e.g. Oct 24, Oct 21, Oct 20, and Oct 19).

Bengt Mattson