Bengt Mattson

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Jag nämnde i bloggposten från i måndags att jag har en mängd spännande möten denna vecka. I går var jag nere i Malmö och träffade många intressenter från Region Skåne och hälso- och sjukvården, samt från myndigheter och andra aktörer. Seminariet "Miljö och Läkemedel" anordnades gemensamt av Region Skåne och LIF (den forskande läkemedelsindustrin).

In my blog post from this Monday I mentioned that I would have a range of interesting meetings and discussions this week. Yesterday I met with several stakeholders from e.g. Region Skåne and from health care ministries and agencies at the seminar "Pharmaceuticals and the Environment". The seminar was arranged by Region Skåne in collaboration with LIF. Presentations were given by

- Anders Åkesson (Green Party), vice chairman Healthcare, Region Skåne, gave us the political view of the sustainability challenges

- Charlotte Unger, head of sustainability at Swedish MPA, presented the MistraPharma project to us (she is the charirman of the Board)

- Fredrik Andersson, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, presented the Environmental report from the Pharmacuetical and Pharmacy Inquiry

- myself, presenting the LIF proposal for an environmental assessment model for pharmaceutical products

The seminar also had a panel discussion at the end where in addition to the presenters, also Kenneth Nyblom from the generics association (FGL) and Bengt Ljungberg from Region Skåne gave their views on the issue. The interesting thing to me is that we were all very much aligned and in agreement. We all wait for actions from the government, e.g.

- taking the process regarding the assessment model forward

- commissioning the agencies to develop and implement a system for green economic incentives

- moving the proposed pharmaceutical targets from the All-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives ahead

Hence, it is evident from the seminar yesterday that all relevant stakeholders in this field now expects our politicians to "step up".

Bengt Mattson