Bengt Mattson

SWEDISH SUMMARY: En redogöresle för hur Maersk har lyckats med sin sociala media-strategi. Flera viktiga slutsatser presenteras. Bland annat att "det inte handlar om markandsföring - det är kommunikation"!

You probably know that I am a fan of social media. The use of social media presents a whole range of interesting opportunities when it comes to interactive communication. But of course that is also one of the great challenges... Interactive communication means that several aspects needs to be controlled in order for a pharmaceutical company to remain compliant to the pharmaceutical regulations on information to the public and on management of adverse effects reporting, to just metion a few potential issues.

You can read some of my views on the use of social media within healthcare via these links for instance:

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I have always been of the opinion that one should dare looking outside your own sector to get ideas and experiences on how things can be managed. I am very thankful to my dear friend Reidar Lewis at Pfizer AS in Norway for sharing the Maersk social media story with me this morning:

Er containere spennende i sosiale medier? – Maersk, en B2B suksesshistorie

Please read it. Although it is not a case study from the healthcare sector it is very interesting also for us working in this sector. There are several good ideas and experiences to bear in mind when you develop your own social media strategy.

Bengt Mattson