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"Summit on the Millennium Developoment Goals": Den 20 till 22 september träffas företrädare för en stor del av världens länder i New York för att under FN:s generalsekreterares, Ban Ki-moon, ledning öka fokus och tempo i arbetet med att nå de så kallade millenniemålen. FN:s 8 millenniemål (se även FN:s officiella hemsida för millenniemålen) syftar till att halvera fattigdomen i världen till 2015.

Jeff Kindler, CEO Pfizer Inc.
Jeff Kindler, CEO Pfizer Inc.

Pfizers koncernchef ger följande kommentar kring millenniemålen i samband med det stora FN-mötet:
"Pfizer strongly supports all eight Millennium Development Goals, but we know we can help advance some goals more than others. We are particularly able to help combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, and we are working hard to improve access to essential medicines in developing countries. We are making vaccines available to help combat pneumococcal disease, the leading cause of death among children younger than five worldwide. We are striving to find medicines to help avoid HIV infection, the leading cause of death in women during their childbearing years. And we are focused on transforming our business so that we are better able to serve the needs of people everywhere with new, life-enhancing health care solutions."

Några av de olika initiativ som Pfizer driver eller är del av för att bidra till att millenniemålen nås är följande (flera av initiativen finns beskrivna på Pfizers globala hemsida under rubriken Pfizer Global Health Programs och under rubriken Protecting the Environment)

Millennium Development Goal 1: Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty
• Young producer’s project enhances the diets of families in small cities and helps them generate more income.
• Partnership with the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines improves the health of livestock and food security in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Millennium Devlopemnt Goal 2: Achieve universaL primary education
• Florence Nightingale International Foundation Girl Child Education Fund nurtures the development of girls in Kenya, Swaziland, Uganda and Zambia.
• The Goat School project aims to eradicate child labor, improve primary school attendance and increase the income of needy families in Brazil.

Millennium Development Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women
• Partnership with Arpana Research and Charitable Trust promotes maternal health, gender empowerment, women’s literacy, micro-finance and public health.
• The Pankaruru Health and Culture project provides basic health care information and trains health agents and midwives to serve the Pankaruru Indian community.

Millennium Developnment Goal 4: Reduce child mortality
• Support of the Advanced Market Commitment (AMC) aims to prevent pneumococcal disease in the world’s poorest countries, the leading cause of vaccinepreventable death in young children.
• ViiV Healthcare, formed by Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, launched a partnership with amfAR/TREAT Asia strives to optimize HIV treatment for children in Asia.
• Pediatric formulations of medicines for trachoma, uncomplicated malaria, iron deficiency and parasitic diseases serve the special needs of children.

Millennium Development Goal 5: Improve maternal health
• WOMAN trial explores the efficacy and safety of tranexamic acid to reduce maternal death and serious injury associated with uncontrolled bleeding after childbirth.
• ViiV’s collaboration with the International Partnership for Microbicides explores the potential of maraviroc to be used as a microbicide in HIV/AIDS prevention.
• Partnerships with NGOs including USAID and UNFPA make Depo-provera available in family planning programs.
• Pfizer, Medicines for Malaria Venture and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine’s development of a fixed dose combination of azithromycin and chloroquine aim to meet the need for intermittent treatment of malaria in pregnant women.

Millennium Development Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
• ViiV Healthcare works exclusively on research, development and commercialization of HIV treatments.
• Diflucan Partnership Program has provided $840 million in medicine to more than 2,000 sites in 63 countries.
• Infectious Diseases Institute is a Center of Excellence for care, treatment, training and research in sub-Saharan Africa.
• Pfizer’s partnership with the Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens accelerates the development of new, safe and shorter duration TB drug regimens.
• Partnership with the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative enables reduced prices and expanded availability of an essential antibiotic that treats TB.
• Mobilize Against Malaria program aims to prevent the spread of malaria and improve access to high quality treatments.
• International Trachoma Initiative combats trachoma, the world’s leading cause of preventable blindness.
• Research partnerships with Medicines for Malaria Venture, Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative, and WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases help battle tropical diseases.
• Pfizer’s partnership with the World Bank’s eTransform Initiative aims to improve the health care infrastructures and supply chains in developing countries.

Millennium Development Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability
• Green chemistry reduces chemical waste and yields significant energy savings in the manufacture of medicines.
• Partnerships with WaterAid aim to improve children’s hygiene behavior and increase latrine use.

Millennium Development Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development
• Our work in support of achieving the Millennium Development Goals is done in partnership with key stakeholders, which is essential for global development.

Om världens alla länder och olika företag och organisationer hjälps åt, och bidrar där de har kompetens och kunnande, så skall vi kunna nå gemensam framgång vad gäller den globala fattigdomsbekämpningen! Pfizers initiativ inom bland annat ramen för Pfizer Investments in Health och inom ramen för vårt Environmental Sustainability Program är vårt sätt att bidra.

Bengt Mattson