Sofia Wallströms review will be delayed

As you know (e.g. from reading the blog posts from Sept 23, 2011, and Oct 24, 2011) Sofia Wallström’s large review (in Swedish ”Läkemedels- och apoteksutredningen”) includes the issue of taking environmental considerations within the framework of the pricing and reimbursement system. The task comes from the National Pharmaceutical Strategy (action item 7.1) and is very closly linked to the action item 7.2 where I act as project manager from LIF.

Yesterday it became publicly known that Sofia’s review will be delayed. Large parts of the review will now be presented no later than November 2012, but the environmental issues (and a few other items in the review) will not be ready before April 2013. I am sorry for this delay. As I pointed out above, the action item 7.2 from the National Pharmaceutical Strategy is so closely connected to Sofia’s work. The development of a environmental assessment model for pharmaceutical products, which would be possible to use for green economic incentives within the pricing and reimbursement system, may become somewhat more problematic with this delay. The assessment model is scheduled to be finalized end 2012/beginning of 2013. It would have been positive for the work to have Sofia’s report ready as previously scheduled Sept 2012.

One positive thing however is that the delay will hopefully allow us to work more closly with Annika Löfgren. Annika works at the Ministry for Environment and was appointed as ”environmental expert” to the Wallström review from May 18. And one additional thing – perhaps the delay (and the signals we have seen that issues around ”generics” will be more discussed in the review) will secure that the environmental discussions in the review will include generics as well as products with patent protection.

I am looking forward to good discussions with Annika Löfgren, and I sincerely hope that the delay of the review will not have a to negative impact on all interesting initiatives ongoing right now!


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