Dizza Tobak – we welcome your contribution

You may recall from last week – ”the tobacco-free week” here in Sweden – that the number of smokers has increased among teenagers. According to FHI ( The Swedish National Institute of Public Health, in Swedish: ”Statens Folkhälsoinstitut”), more than 40% of the girls in their second year at high school (in Swedish: ”gymnasium”) smoke. Horryfying numbers, I must say!

I wrote a blog post last week where I clearly stated that I of course support the proposals from FHI, e.g. not allowing tobacco ads, and not allowing tobacco exposure in supermarkets. But I also feel that there is a very big necessity of changing the attitudes towards tobacco among teenagers. I am therefore extremely happy to see the new ”launch film” for the Dizza Tobak-project uploaded at dizzatobak.se. I really hope that not only kids get inspired by the movie, but also adults so they support their teenagers in engaging in the fight against tobacco.

Feel the Force! Join Dizza Tobak Live and fight tobacco! Collaborate with thousands of other kids all around Sweden, and with Pfizer’s partners SAMBA and A Non Smoking Generation, in making the best anti-tobacco campaign ever!


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