Yet another Dizza Tobak Award

Yet another Dizza Tobak award was delivered today. Humfryskolan Klass 7, in Malmö, was today’s winner. And it is kind of fun, because Humfryskolan has been one of the winners in all three Dizza Tobak contest, from 2009 until today. This year they really took the idea about influencing kids early in kids’ lifes seriously. They went out to kindergartens and played live theater with clear messages about ”stay away from tobacco”. See some of their performances on their uploaded contribution. It is great fun! Humfryskolan Klass 7 both won a ”peoples choice award” and the jury award for ”best idea”.

I also definitely recommend that you follow the links below to the Swedish public service television web page and e.g. listen to pupils in the class telling us about their work, you will hear a girl from the class read their version of ”little red riding hood”, and you will meet Anders Lönegård from SAMBA talking about Dizza Tobak and Humfryskolans excellent idea:

For the record: Dizza Tobak is a youth tobacco prevention project sponsored by Pfizer Foundation and Pfizer AB. Dizza Toabk is run by SAMBA in collaboration with e.g. A Non Smoking Generation. You can see all up-loaded contributions, from schoools all around Sweden, via this link.


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