The Dizza Tobak Award Ceremonies 2011 have begun…

I am happy to tell that the first awards for Dizza Tobak contributions were delivered today. Anders Lönegård, project manager for Dizza Tobak, visited three shool classes that had won different prizes in this year’s Dizza Tobak contest. Dizza Tobak is as you probably already know a youth advocacy tobacco prevention project, sponsored by Pfizer Foundation and Pfizer AB. The project is run by SAMBA in collaboration with e.g. A Non Smoking Generation.

The winners announced today were the following:

- Risboskolan 8A in Fagersta. They won a jury award for the ”best self-composed music”, and also ended up on third place in the open referendum on the Internet (”the choice of the people”). Hence, their prize check was on 10000 SEK.

- Risboskolan 8B in Fagersta. They won a jury award for ”best animation” and hence a prize check on 5000 SEK.

- Önstaskolan 6B in Västerås. They won the jury’s ”special award” with the following nomination: ”An ambitious and fun idea. Well done”. They also received a check on 5000 SEK.

There will be more jury awards and more ”choices of the people” in the the coming week. Stay tuned And a recommendation while you are waiting for the next award ceremonies: Use this link and view SVT Play Västmanlandsnytt when they followed the award ceremony in Fagersta earlier today. The part with the school classes start at 3 minutes and 42 seconds into the news show.

For the record: The Dizza Tobak jury consists of the following members:

Blossom Tainton Lindquist (chairperson of the jury, lecturer and fitness guru)
Ernst Billgren (writer and artist)
Anders Lönegård (project manager Dizza Tobak)
Bengt Mattson (CSR & Environmental Manager, Pfizer AB)
Madelein Löfgren (Manager Bryggan Stockholm, and a director of the SAMBA board)
Representatives from A Non Smoking Generation (including Elin Ramfalk, Sectretary General)
Johan Ronnestam (web-guru)
Caroline Karlström (web-guru)
Susanne Hamilton (publisher (Langenskiölds))


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