Do not forget to register your class to DIZZA TOBAK

It is now less than two months until the final day for up-loading Dizza Tobak-contributions on Do you remember the task? Work together with your friends in your school classes to develop the best anti-tobacco campaign ever! Up-load a movie, or a theater, a song, some dance moves, a flash mob, a poem reading or any other contribution that describes and/or symbolizes your campaign. The only requirement in this year’s compitition is that it shall be possible to do a performance live.

The final day for up-loading the contribution is March 27. After that date, on-line voting for the best contribution starts. You can find all relevant information on the Dizza Tobak home page, including a pretty cool introduction video with Blossom Tainton-Lindquist and Ernst Billgren. Do also take a good look on last year’s contributions. A lot of good ideas, I promise!

Dizza Tobak is an anti-tobacco youth advocacy project run by SAMBA in collaboration with A Non Smoking Generation, supported by Pfizer Foundation and Pfizer AB.


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