Dizza Tobak Winners

The first runner-up in this year’s Dizza Tobak contest was announced yesterday. If you watched SVT Gävledala yesterday then you already know that Rotskärsskolan, class 8ef in Skutskär, won 15 000 SEK for their contribution ”Är du villig att förlora allt?”. My sincere congratulations to you all! And don’t miss the award ceremony on TV4 Gävle either! Great with all the media exposure – the school kids really deserve it!

And today the winner was announced: Mörsil skola, class 8A in Åre, for their contribution ”How to Save a Life”. 25 000 SEK, and the honur of course! Congratulations from all of us who have worked with the Dizza Tobak project! You have really shown what anti-tobacco campaigning is all about!

And I know that while I am writing this blog post, Anders Lönegård (project manager at SAMBA for Dizza Tobak) is on his way together with three kids from Mörsil skola class 8A to the radio station SR Jämtland – so soon you will be able to listen to the kids themsewlves telling their story about the winning contribution. Once again – congratulations to a work well done!

For the record: Dizza Tobak is a youth tobacco prevention project with the aim of having school kids themselves develop the best ever anti-tobacco campaign. The project is sponsored by Pfizer Foundation and Pfizer AB, and is run by SAMBA in collaboration with e.g. A Non Smoking Generation. You find all the contributions at dizzatobak.se.


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