Dizza Tobak Live

The award ceremonies for Dizza Tobak winners continue. As you know from my blog post from May 25, winners in the Dizza Tobak contest will be announced over the coming days and into the coming week. I think it was pretty cool to listen to today’s award ceremony at Tappströmsskolan 7A in Ekerö live on P4 Radio Stockholm at 09.20 this morning.

Tappströmsskolan’s contribution was one of my personal absolute favourites this year, ”Love this way to die?”. It is a brilliant cover on Rihanna’s and Emenem’s mega-hit, with lyrics about the problems caused by tobacco. It is extremely good! The music video won a jury award for ”best music video” and a ”people’s choice award” as second runner up. Hence a total of 10 000 SEK.

The school class seemed quite surprised when Anders Lönegård from SAMBA (Dizza Tobak project manager) together with Carl-Oscar Östman from A Non Smoking Generation entered into the class-room this morning. They had won, and it was aired live on Radio Stockholm… And then the song went out to all listeners on Radio Stockholm. Must have felt pretty cool!

And there is more to come for the pupils of school class Tappströmsskolan 7A. My recommendation is to watch SVT ABC-nytt tonight…

Dizza Tobak is a youth tobacco prevention project sponsored by Pfizer Foundation and Pfizer AB. The project is run by SAMBA in collaboration with e.g. A Non Smoking Generation.


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