CSR, ESG, integrerad redovisning samt Social Innovation – många begrepp är det…

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Mitt huvudfokus förra veckan låg på läkemedel i miljön. Denna vecka har jag framför allt ägnat åt CSR-frågor. Mängder med begrepp har cirkulerat i diskussionerna: Ansvarsfullt företagande, ESG, integrerad redovisning och social innovation och socialt entreprenörsskap. Alla begrepp har sin vinkling, men i grunden kan man nog säga ”kärt barn har många namn”.

My main focus last week was on pharmaceuticals in the environment. This week I have spent most of my time on CSR related issues. In the different meetings and discussions we have used words and expressions such as social sustainability, ESG (environment, social, governance), social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and integrated reporting. Although the expressions may differ slightly in content from one another, in general it is all about acting responsibly and communicating transparently on all topics to allow for stakeholders (employees, customers, investors etc.) to make relevant and full evaluations.

We had for instance a very exciting workshop on Monday (June 23) arranged by CSR Sweden when we discussed CSR and ESG, and reporting of financial and non-financial information. A background to the discussion could be found in the governmental inquiry on implementation of EU’s reporting directive, where reporting of ”non-financial data” is discussed.

I also had a very exciting meeting with the Forum for Social Innovation Sweden (”Mötesplats för Social Innovation”) to discuss issues on CSR and social innovation. Several interesting ideas were discussed on industry’s responsibility upstream and downstream, collaboration between industry, government, and NGOs, regulation vs volontary initiatives (such as industry code of conducts), etc.

I am really looking forward to continue these discussions moving forward!


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