Stakeholder dialogue – social media increasingly important

Jonathan Sundqvist’s article from April 1 at csr-i-praktiken’s webpage is interesting. He says that we are moving away from the ”consumption society” and into a ”customer society”. By this he means that interactions and dialogue with the customers, and the empowerment of the customers, will become more important in marketing and sales. Within an industry such as the pharmaceutical, where the customer is not always extremely easy to identify and specify, we would rather use the word stakeholder than customer. But aside from that, I strongly agree with Jonathan. Stakeholder engagement, and the increasingly important social media platforms, are crucial in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

This blog is one effort to open up for interactive discussions with all our stakeholders. And we have taken a few additional steps as well into ”Web 2.0″. See for instance our work with the ”Can you feel my pain-campaign”. Visit us on facebook, twitter, flickr, and twibbon.

In the ”stakeholder society”, interactivity is more important than ever!


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