How do you find your CSR information on line?

How do you and other users find your CSR information on line? How did you find your way to this blog post? Which are the English terms used in search engines such as Google, and which are the most frequently used Swedish terms? CSR and Corporate (Social) Responsibility works in most languages I guess (673 000 searches monthly), whereas terms such as ”ansvarstagande” (390 searches a month)and ”samhällsansvar” (only 140 searches during a month) are strictly used in Swedish.

It is fun and interesting to use the Keyword Tool supplied by Google to try to learn more regarding the most relevant words to use either in the blog post title itself, or in the text or when providing key words to the post. We have had a training session on Search Engine Optimization, or in Swedish ”sökmotoroptimering”, today here at Pfizer and I hope that it will make me a more effective user of the web and as a blogger.

In order to ”double check” the information from the Google Keyword Tool, please come back with comments to me regarding how you did find the ”ansvarsblogg” or this blog post specifically.


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