Diversity and Inclusion

Looking back on the blog posts I have written since I started the blog in April 2008, issues connected to the general topics ”Pharmaceuticals in the Environment”, ”Climate Change” and ”Tobacco Prevention” predominate. There is however an almost neverending list of different perspectives on Corporate Responsibility. One special topic that came to my mind today when talking with a representative from Add Gender is ”Diversity and Inclusion”.

Pfizer’s position on Diversity and Inclusion is as follows:

”Our company is sustained on innovation — which seeks a nourishing environment in which ideas and perspectives can flourish. Pfizer’s diversity provides just such this opportunity. It is an array of unique characteristics, perspectives, and life experiences which define us as individuals. Diversity encompasses our visible differences such as gender, age, ethnicity, physical appearance, plus other underlying characteristics including thinking styles, sexual orientation, religious or national identity, and education. Inclusion is an environment where our people feel valued, involved, supported and respected.”

Personally I like to underline the words ”defines us as individuals”. I do not want people to ascribe characteristics to me based on e.g. my appearance, my background and my political views. And hence, I will never ever do that towards another human being. To me, truly diversity comes from a rich blend of different experiences and personal characteristics. And an inclusive environment respects and appreciates our different experiences and characteristics.

Pfizer has a clear ambition to be an industry leader on Diversity and Inclusion and I hope that all our stakeholders working together with us will notice our ambitions and good performance:

”Our diversity and inclusion aspiration at Pfizer is straightforward: We will be an industry leader and one of the Top 10 global corporations in Diversity and Inclusion.”


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