Secondary, or passive, smoking kills hundreds of thousands

Today, as we are approaching the end of the ”tobacco-free week”, the top news article in both radio and in newspapers here in Swden, has been the Lancet article on secondary (or passive) smoking (see for instance). A number of scientists have on behalf of WHO made a first global study on the effects of secondary smoking. The scientists have reviewed data from 192 countries and made the horrifying and scary estimates that secondary smoking kills 600 000 people annually, of which 165 000 are children… This means that roughly one out of every hundred people dying every year, is being killed by smoking – without smoking themselves…

This is not acceptable! Tougher regulations are one possibility, but as I said in my blog post in the beginning of the week, we also need to change the attitudes towards tobacco. Kids need to feel good and cool when they say ”no to tobacco”. They need to find celebrity idols that do not smoke. Smoking celebrities are such bad role models!

Please help us in fighting tobacco use among kids. Join the Dizza Tobak-movement!


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