Yet another discussion on green incentives

As you probably know, pretty much all relevant stakeholders met on Wednesday last week, in a roundtable discussion at LIF (The Research Based Pharmaceutical Industry in Sweden), to discuss green pharmaceuticals and green economic incentives. As a follow-up to that meeting, the task force who has been working on the green criteria since the first roundtable meeting on March 28 met today again. We reviewed the work we have done since the March 28 meeting (see blog posts from May 11, May 17, and Sept 1), and also discussed the model for green incentives that was presented by the ”incentive model task force” last Wednesday.

A brief summary from the discussion today could be:

We are all pleased to see that industry, agencies, county councils, academia, pharmacies, and the other stakeholders all seem to be in agreement that an incentive model within the framework of the pricing and reimbursement system should be implemented. We no longer discuss ”if” a model should be developed and implemented but ”how”. A great step in the right direction!

We now need to fine-tune, evaluate and assess the ideas and model drafts, and then secure that the review to be conducted by Sofia Wallström on green incentives takes these ideas into consideration. It is very promising to see a whole range of stakeholders contributing so strongly on a complex and intriguing task!

Stay tuned – things will hopefully develop rather quickly in the coming weeks and months!


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