With Tom Polton in Norway discussing sustainability programs

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Idag har jag och Tom Polton (ansvarig för Product Stewardship & Environmental Sustainability Programs inom Pfizer globalt) varit i Norge och diskuterat ansvarsfullt företagande med chefer och ledare på Pfizer AS. Enormt spännande – man möter alltid positivt engagemang och intresse samt höga ambitioner och stolthet när detta diskuteras!

Tom Polton

Tom Polton

I have been in Norway today together with Tom Polton, head of Product Stewardship and Environmental Sustainability for Pfizer Inc. Tom and I met with managers and the leadership of Pfizer AS to discuss corporate responsibility and our environmental sustainability programs. I have to say that I really love these opportunities to meet colleagues in discussions on our “green journey”. You can feel their engagement and strong interest. We all have high ambitions in this field and I am happy to say that we are proud of our accomplishments. Not forgetting however, we still have improvemnets to make. If you are interested to learn about Pfizer’s Green Journey, follow this link to the Pfizer global website.


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