With MistraPharma reference group re NPS 7.1 and 7.2

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Om ni läste blogginläggen förra veckan (exempelvis från 9 april och 8 april) så vet ni att Sofia Wallström presenterade delbetänkandet från Läkemedels- och apoteksutredningen den 5 april gällande bland annat miljöhänsyn inom läkemedelsförmånen. Idag ska jag delta i MistraPharma-projektets referensgruppsmöte för att dels presentera Sofias delbetänkande (som ju också utgör Nationella läkemedelsstrategins uppdrag 7.1), dels det fortsatta arbetet för Nationella läkemedelsstrategins uppdrag 7.2, som jag leder i min roll på LIF.

If you read my blog posts last week (e.g. April 9 and April 8) you will know that Sofia Wallström presented the report on environmental considerations within the pricing and reimbursement system on April 5. The report is part of the work by the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Inquiry here in Sweden, and concludes the National Pharmaceutical Strategy (NPS) task 7.1. I will have the honor to present Sofia’s report to the reference group of the MistraPharma-project later on today. I will of course also discuss with all those important stakeholders in the group the continuation of the work with NPS task 7.2.

I am looking forward to the afternoon and I hope to get good input on how the environmental assessment model we are developing within the NPS task 7.2 should be designed. As you know from my discussions here at the blog since 2011, there are a number of different environmental aspects, paramenters, criteria and metrics that could be relevant for the model. We should now secure that the proposed aspects (e.g. API releases from manufaturing, other environmental discharges and emissions from manufacturing, energy use, use of other natural resources etc.) are in accordance to the discussions and recommendations in Sofia’s report.

The competence of the reference group should definitely secure valuable input that could be brought to the attention of the International task force supporting the process (we will have a telecon on Friday) and the Swedish stakeholder group which meets on Monday April 22.


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