Vad har skett under 2013 och vad kan vi förvänta oss av 2014?

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Dags för mig att gå på jul- och nyårsledighet. 2013 har varit ett spännande år med mängder av CSR- och miljörelaterade händelser och initiativ. 2014 kommer säkert även det bli händelserikt. Vikten av CSR- och miljöområdet lär ju knappast minska!

It is soon time for me to start my ”Christmas and New Year holiday”. I’ll be back in the office in the beginning of 2014. I presume that several of the work tasks from 2013 will be on my table also when arriving back into the office. Things tend to take long time before they are finally finished… So what happened during 2013:

- A very large initiative throughout 2013 has been tasks initiated by the National Pharmaceutical Strategy (NPS). The recommendations from task 7.1 was published on April 5 by the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Inquiry. One of the recommendations in the Inquiry report is that the environmental assessment model developed by LIF in NPS task 7.2 should be used when introducing green economic incentives within the generic substitution system in Sweden. LIF submitted the model proposal to the Ministry for Health and Social Affairs in end of June, a submission we still have not received any comments upon… However, other organizations and institutions have shown their interest to the model, e.g. UNDP and WHO.

- In addition to environmental aspects of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, there have been several discussions throughout the year on social aspects. Pauline Göthberg, the national coordinator for social responsibility and public procurment, launched on behalf of all County Councils in Sweden the follow-up web application in June. Although there have been a lot of IT-related problems with the web application I see a lot of good ambitions with the initiative.

- The Future Health Lab (FHL) think tank was launched in August. We are a very interesting mix of people and competencies in FHL! I am convinced that the initiatives from FHL will touch upon several very different aspects of health, wellness and healthcare. One such area is of course ”Health 2.0”, e.g. e-Health and m-Health related issues. There are so many possible ways to improve health, and prevent and fight illnesses.

- We also launched CSR Sweden as a stand-alone organization. CSR Sweden will definitely be a very important platform for CSR-related initiatives in the years to come. Interesting discussions will come e.g. regarding reporting of non-financial information.

- Regarding CSR-initiatives, I am very happy that we have seen a development during 2013 when it comes to collaborations between Pfizer and the Sollentuna municipality where our Swedish office is loacted. One example is the work I do together with Rudbeck High School, e.g. the support to the young entrepreneurs in YMAR

As I have already stated, I am certain that I will come back to these topics also in 2014…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody!


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