Uppgraderad vattenrening för att minska läkemedel i vatten

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Regeringen föreslår en satsning på 32 miljoner kronor fördelat på en fyraårsperiod till avancerad teknik för rening av läkemedelssubstanser och andra svårnedbrytbara kemikalier i avloppsvatten.

A press release from yesterday presents the intentions of the Swedish government to put 32 MSEK (roughly 3.5 million Euros) into reserach on novel techniques to treat pharmaceutical substances and other ”slowly degradable chemicals” in waste water. The money will be given over a 4 year period starting 2014.

I do of course welcome the initiative, there are more research needed in the area. The MistraPharma-project and the results from the pharmaceutical project of Stockholm Vatten have produced a lot of good knowledge but as I said, more reserach is neeeded.

One thing that I do find somewhat funny though is that when I worked together with the other members of the Expert Group on pharmaceuticals supporting the All-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives the message often sent to us from governmental representatives were that instead of looking into ”down stream initiatives” we should focus ”up stream initiatives”. Nevertheless we have now seen a very much needed initiative from governmnet on ”down stream initiatives” (i.e. waste water treatment develoment) but we still lack information on what will actually happen with the proposals regarding ”up stream initiatives” that were proposed. See more on that in my blog post from August 16.


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