Update from the seminar yesterday…

As you know from reading yesterday’s blog post, I participated in APL’s seminar on Sustainable Business Development and Green Pharmaceuticals. I just like to give a few additional comments:

As you know, I really looked forward to listen to Gunilla Hulth-Backlund from TLV (the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency). I was curious to hear what she would say about health economy and sustainable pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it to the seminar so Fredrik Nilsson from TLV had to step in instead. And everybody who have been a part of the discussions on green economic incentives the last year know that Fredrik has great knowledge in the field. He gave a good and solid presentation, where he explained why he tend to favour green incentives in the generic business rather than adding an ”environmental factor” in the price mechanism model for patented pharmaceuticals. We had good discussions around that and to make a long story short: We all have great expectations on the review by Sofia Wallström: Should environmental considerations be taken within the framework of the Swedish pricing and reimbursement system? The different stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector seem to be in principle well alinged on this matter (although we might have different opinions on smaller details). We like to see a ”YES” from Sofia in September. It will for sure be very interesting!

I also like to add two more comments:

First of all, I have to give Magnus Thyberg from SLL credit for his comment that we should try to find a more appropriate expression than ”green pharmaceuticals”. Could a pharmaceutical, or actually any industrial product, ever be ”green”. Are they not just more or less ”non-green”? All industrial processes have environmental impacts and hence we should try to make the product as green as possible – but could it actually be ”completely green”? He is right of course and we need to find appropriate wording as we move the ongoing processes forward.

And then secondly: Most stakeholders have a common picture of the issues and also on the proposals for actions. Swedish MPA’s proposal on inclusion of environmental requirements into GMP has solid support, as well as the green incentives ideas discussed above. Everyone also understand that a model with well established green criteria to distinguish between ”green” and ”non-green” pharmaceuticals is essential for success in all the different processes discussed. And as you probably know, developing such a model is part of the project 7.2 in the Swedish National Pharmaceutical Strategy. A project that I have the opportunity to manage in my part-time assignment at LIF. That work is on-going as we speak, actually I will meet several of the members of the LIF Environmental Committee later on today to continue our work on the model and the different criteria. Fun and interesting!

Thanks to APL for arranging the seminar yesterday!


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