Trust, Reputation, and Interactive Communications

I am not really sure whether or not I should be switching back to Swedish. I have written my blog posts in English since last week when I was visiting Uganda. I apparently got a few new blog followers outside of Sweden, which I think is great fun, and they have asked me to continue blogging in English. But if I do so, I hope I will not lose my regular Swedish followers… Perhaps I can mix-and-match depending on subject and ”my mood”. Today it will be English – I have been abroad the entire day so let’s make it somewhat international…

I have been in Brussels today discussing environmental matters with the ”Trust, Reputation and Compliance Policy Committee” (TRCPC) of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations). I found the discussions very interesting and valuable since it helps us all to understand all different perspectives on which issues that could potentially, or already are, impacting our reputation as an industry. And of course also issues that could help us build trust and reputation if we take actions proactively.

I personally believe that “Corporate Reputation” will become more and more importance since it somehow combine areas such as Corporate Responsibility, the value of our Products and Services, the value of Research, Development and Innovations, and Communication.

Reputation Platform

Reputation Platform

Reference: Reputation Institute

And I strongly believe that working with Corporate Reputation will result in great achievements when it comes to sustainability improvements. Adding a greater emphasis on interactive communications to Corporate Responsibility (including both environmental matters and socially responsibly matters as well as business ethics and governance aspects) will help us all improve our performance. And greater emphasis on communications also more clearly puts focus on stakeholder engagement and dialogue. A dialogue that is crucial for all successful Corporate Responsibility programs. This however will only be accomplished if communication is based on transparency and openness and do not become “corporate bullshit”.

As you who have followed my blog since the start back in April 2008 knows I do sincerely think the industry does a lot of good things, both environmentally as well as socially. Initiatives that would build trust and result in a better reputation than what we seem to have today, if we only became more transparent and communicated more widely. This blog itself is one attempt to open up for a more interactive dialogue with a whole range of different stakeholders – an objective that I feel we have not really managed to meet. There is still to little of interactivity…

Please feed back environmental and/or social responsibility issues you feel are important for us as a company or us as part of the industry. Which issues do you want to know more about and where do you think we have to better understand what’s going on around us? Is the most important environmental issue for our industry Pharmaceuticals in the Environment, or is it something completely different? Is the most crucial socially responsible matters to focus on pharmaceutical donation programs and health care capacity building which were the topics I discussed last week on the blog during my Uganda visit (link to blog post on IDI, ITI, DPP). Or do you think we should have other aspects on the top of the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda?

I have presented the ”Walderik-Mattson pyramid” a couple of times here at the blog (for instance on March 29). The pyramid includes CSR-initiatives of different kinds, depending on how developed the specific country or region is. Perhaps you feel that we should put stronger emphasis on certain parts of that pyramid. And if so, which part?

the Walderik-Mattson pyramid

the Walderik-Mattson pyramid

Quality, safety, and efficacy of our innovative medicines will of course remain our greatest contribution to society, but I am eager to understand what you feel are additional aspects that need greater focus. Please help us to become better on interactive communications – your voice is extremely important to me!


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