Tillbaka till verkligheten…

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Nu har jag i snart en veckas tid varit ”tillbaka i verkligheten” igen efter jul- och nyårsledighet. Dags att på allvar ta tag i alla miljö- och hållbarhetsrelaterade frågeställningar som står på agendan för 2014 och framåt!

I have now been back in the office for almost a week. If you read my blog post from the end of December you know there are a lot of things on the agenda for 2014 (and beyond). It is about time to get started and act upon the different issues. You saw in that blog post that UNDP and WHO have shown interest for the environmental assessment model for pharmaceutical products that has been developed by LIF (the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden, with me as project manager within task 7.2 in the Swedish National Pharmaceutical Strategy) in collaboration with Swedish stakeholders and the international pharmaceutical industry. UNDP/WHO runs a project on green procurement, and finds the LIF proposed assessment model as a potentially valuable tool to evaluate greeness of pharmaceuticals. I have had a telefon conference with UNDP and WHO this week to start the planning and scheduling of a meeting at UNDP’s office in Copenhagen later this month where we will take the discussions further. Very interesting!

I am sure I will come back to this topic several times in the future!


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