The Sofia Wallström Inquiry re Environment – now published

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Delbetänkandet som inkluderar miljöuppdraget (presenterat inledningsvis som uppdrag 7.1 i Nationella läkemedelsstrategin) i Sofia Wallströms Läkemedels- och Apoteksutredning publicerades idag. Pressmeddelandet och själva betänkandet finns på

Ever since the Swedish National Pharmaceutical Strategy was published on Aug 26, 2011, (see my blog post from Aug 28, 2011) I have been waiting to read the inquiry report on wheter or not enviromental considerations should be taken, and green economic incentives be implemented, in the pricing and reimbursement system for pharmaceuticals in Sweden. And today I am happy to say – it has now been published!

The report (here is the press release and here the full report) opens up for environmental considerations to be taken, and green economic incentives implemented, for products with generic competition. I am happy to see this. It has been my opinion since long that at least when it comes to the selection of ”the product of the month” within the generic substitution system here in Sweden – environmental considerations should be taken! The inquiry however identifies several actions that need to be taken before a scheme like this could be implemented. First of all, LIF (the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden) must deliver a proposal of an environental assessment model for pharmaceutical products. That task (initiative 7.2 within the Swedish Pharmaceutical Strategy) I am working upon in my LIF role (see for intance these blog posts on the matter: Jan 29 2013, Nov 22 2012, and Dec 6 2011) together with industry colleagues and several stakeholders from the health care sector.

The report also calls for actions from Swedish MPA and TLV (the Swedish pricing and reimbursement agency) when it comes to e.g. ultimately deciding the criteria in the assessment model, the level of the environmental premium, and working out the details of how an environmental premium pilot project could be carried out for a limited part of the substitution system.

I am really looking forward to the next few months of work on this, and then supporting MPA’s and TLV’s work with a pilot project to evaluate the scheme. This is an important step on our sector’s green journey!

For your information: The inquiry report also includes some thoughts and comments on cassation of pharmaceuticals. There are no big surprises presented. Much of the ideas are already known from MPA’s report on cassation (commissioned to MPA as initiative 7.3 in the National Pharmaceutical Strategy).


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