The most important CSR and sustainability issues for businesses

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Den internationella hållbarhetsorganisationen BSR har i samarbete med GLOBESCAN släppt sin årliga rapport ”State of sustainable business poll”. Otroligt intressant och spännande läsning! Vilka är de viktigaste CSR och hållbarhetsfrågorna och -utmaningarna för näringslivet?

BSR has, in collaboration with GLOBESCAN, relesed their annual ”State of sustainable business poll”. The report is a ”must read”! The single most important conclusion from the study is

”Integration of sustainability into the core of business is a key focus for business in the short-term and one that will help fast-forward long-term progress on core sustainability issues.”

That conclusion is well alinged with my personal view that CSR and sustainability initiatives can only be really successful (and sustainable) if integrated into the core business strategies. Read more about my views on this topic in e.g. the following blog posts: March 29 2010, and June 6 2012.


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