Sustainable cities – Malmö as an interesting example

Ysterday, I met with other sustainability professionals for a ”think tank discussion” at Malmö University. Arranging the discussion was Hanna Sigsjö and Eva Engquist at ”Mötesplats Social Innovation”. I have taken part in similar discussions before, see for instance the blog posts from April 16 2012, Feb 14 2012, and April 8 2011

One of the topics discussed yesterday was sustainable cities, using Malmö as an example and focusing on  private public partnerships. We had a very interesting and fruitful discussion with Christer Larsson from the Malmö municipality. There are extremely many interesting initiatives ongoing, in Malmö City as well as in the greater region of Skåne, but also within the area of Malmö and Copenhagen together. You just have to read Christers blog: Follow Christer’s work and get inspired!


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