Sustainability Criteria in Public Procurement of Pharmaceuticals

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Miljöstyrningsrådet (MSR) har nu publicerat uppdaterade miljökriterier och sociala kriterier att användas vid offentlig upphandling av läkemedel. Kriteriedokumentet finns att tillgå via denna länk.

I have written several blog posts regarding public procurement of pharmaceuticals (see for instance Sept 4 2012, April 24 2012, March 13 2012, Jan 31 2012, and Sept 8 2011 (with additional links in the blog post)). I have several times quoted the LIF (The Association of the Research Based Pharmaceutical Industry in Sweden) position regarding sustainability criteria in public procurement: We welcome them on the conditions that they are in accordance to LOU (”Lagen om Offentlig Upphandling”, i.e. the Swedish regulation on Public Procurement), that the responses from industry are used in the selection of supplier, and that they arre followed up. To be very honest, I feel that County Councils do not deliver upon the latter two issues. The good news is however that the County Councils have identified these gaps as well, and are really trying to develop. Pauline Göthberg’s and MSR’s (the Swedish Environmental Management Council) project to develop a supplier database is an important initiative here.

MSR has now published updated environmental and social criteria for pharmaceuticals on their website. You can also read their news release regarding the update via this link.


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