Spännande intressentdialog denna vecka

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Jag har flera gånger här på bloggen påtalat vikten av en fungerande intressentdialog för att säkerställa ett väl fungerande hållbarhetsarbete. Denna vecka har jag glädjen att samtala och diskutera med många olika intressenter – alla med sina vinklar och perspektiv på ansvarstagande.

I have often, in several blog posts, stated the importance of stakeholder dialogue to secure a well functioning sustainability program. This week I will have the pleasure of meeting several different stakeholders in a number of discussions. All of these stakeholders, from there perspectives, have important and relevant opinions regarding sustainability. Understanding these opinions strengthens our programs. Some examples of upcoming dialogues this week:

- I met with my Pfizer colleagues from our Established Products business unit this morning. We discussed sustainability issues in general, but focused upon the recent developments regarding green economic incentives in pricing and reimbursement systems.

- On Wednesday I will meet with representatives from Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, from agencies and from healthhcare in a seminar in Malmö. We will discuss Pharmaceuticals in the Environment, and I will specifically describe the LIF proposal for an environmental assessment model for pharmaceutical products.

- On Friday morning I will meet healthcare professionals at Ekerö Healthcare Center. I will give a lecture on Pharmaceuticals and the Environment and we will discuss how industry in general, and Pfizer specifically, can collaborate with healthcare in order to improve all parties’ sustainability programs.

- And then later on this Friday I will meet with employees at Faveo to discuss sustainability and business strategies. They have asked me to present cases from the pharmaceutical sector and/or healthcare where sustainability initiatives are closely connected with business strategies and business development. One of the examples I will present is of course the more-than-medication and beyond-the-pill initiatives taken in industry. For more details see e.g. Oct 11 2012, March 22 2012, and Oct 4 2011).

Looking forward to great discussions this week!


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