Spännande arbetsvecka med många hållbarhetsdiskussioner

SWEDISH SUMMARY: En fantastiskt spänannde arbetsvecka närmar sig sitt slut. Jag har fått diskutera hållbarhetsfrågeställningar ur ett generellt perspektiv, liksom specifikt gällande läkemedel och hälso- och sjukvården.

It has been a great work week! I have had the privelege to discuss sustainability issues, both in general and specifically around pharmaceuticals and healthcare, with several different stakeholders. I started out this Monday meeting representatives from Swedish County Concils (”LOK” in Swedish, which is a very important network for Swedish County Concils’ Pharmaceutical Committees). To them I described the PiE (pharmaceuticals in the environment) issues in general and gave several examples on initiatives that has been undertaken, e.g. environmental classification on Fass.se and the LIF proposal on environmental assessment of pharmaceutical products.


PiE conference in Geneva

PiE conference in Geneva


And then I was in Geneva on April 8 and 9 participating in UBA’s (the German environmental protection agency) conference on pharmaceuticals in the environment. The conference discussed in detail whether or not PiE should be a so called emerging policy issue under SAICM (UN’s Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management). I had the privelege to present the European Pharmaceutical Association’s (EFPIA) initiative on Eco-Pharmaco Stewardship (EPS). The initiative addresses environmental issues across the life cycle of a pharmaceutical. I can assure you that you will read more on EPS as we move forward.

And then yesterday there were Board Meetings in SIVL (the foundation who owns IVL, the Swedish Environmenal Research Institute) and in CSR Sweden. And then on top of that CSR Sweden’s Annual Meeting and a presentation on green procurement for the procurement group in LIF (the reserach based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden).

As I said – a great work week in my opinion! But there are of course a few more meetings before the weekend starts…


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