See you next week in Almedalen

Today is the last day in the office for me before heading down to Gotland and the ”Almedalen week”. When I wrote a blog post about Almedalen a few weeks ago, I said there would be more than 1300 seminars taking place. It turns out that we have now passed 1700 seminars on the official program! Impressing!

There is a lot of interesting semiars to visit. If you follow my blog during next week, I will report from some of those seminars. If you like to meet me, why not come to for instance the seminar arranged by CSR Sweden on Wednesday July 4 at 11 o’clock at Högskolan in Visby (room B24), ”Vem ska ta ansvar för hållbarhets- och ansvarsfrågor?” (in English roughly ”Who should take the responsibility for sustainability matters?”), where I will be in a panel together with among others Peter Norman (from government), Sarah McPhee (from SPP), Kathrine Löfberg (from Löfbergs Lila), Lennart Käll (from Svenska Spel), and Per Mossberg, (from Posten).

Or we could meet on Friday July 6 at 15.30 when I will discuss Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Öresundshuset (Hästgatan 1).

I am looking forward to next week – it is always very interesting and also a lot of fun!

See you in Almedalen


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