Sad things happen…

If you have followed my blog the recent weeks you may know that my father passed away. His funeral was yesterday. It was tough but on the same time a valued moment together with family and friends that helps us look forward. Me and my older brother sent our tribute to our father by playing some Swedish folklore tunes, among them ”To our father”, by the famous fiddler Pers-Erik. And thanks to my younger brother it can now be viewed on YouTube.

And during our family’s tough period we all know that a lot of sad things have happened around the world. The last few days our thoughts have gone to Japan and the Japanese people.

In these tough times we all need something to look forward to. Something to gather around, which gives us hope and energy. Personally I am looking forward to next Saturday and Earth Hour. Earth Hour, this world wide campaign by WWF, which the last few years have clearly shown that we all stand united in the fight of global warming.

Similar to previous years (see for instance the following blog posts from ”Earth Hour week of 2010” and from 2009), I will utilize next week to discuss Climate Change and Energy matters here at the blog. Although climate change is a sad story as well, the Earth Hour event as such helps us build hope. We can make a change, and we can all contribute. Follow me during next week, and get energized!


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