Prevention of Illness and Wellness Creation

SWEDISH SUMMARY: En diskussion om värdet av preventionsinsatser och hälsoskapande initiativ inom hälso- och sjukvårdssektorn. Självklart ska läkemedelsindustrin vara en del av det arbetet. Vi säljer inte bara läkemedel – vi säljer fler år till livet och mer liv till åren!

I have mentioned several times before (e.g. blog posts from March 22 2012, and Oct 4 2011) that I see illness prevention and wellness creation as very important parts of our offer to society. You may recall that I see that as a fist step to a sustainable use of pharmaceuticals:

Hence, I am happy to read the report on Preventive Care and Healthy Ageing which has been published by Economist Intelligence Unit. The report discusses, based on cases from a number of countries e.g. Brazil, China, India, Japan, UK and USA, initiatives such as health screenings, vaccination programs, and wellness initiatives. Very interesting reading!

This is a strong trend. We have seen it grow for some years now. Two fairly early examples were the Pfizer Canada initiative on more-than-medication and the UK initiative Pfizer Health Solutions. At Pfizer Sweden we see it today in the project called ”Inte bara läkemedel” (in English roughly: ”Not only pharmaceuticals”). I like this a lot! To me it is a good example where we can add extra value, with a strong social responsibility touch, to our offer to society.

You may remember this quote: ”It’s time to move beyond simply helping people get better after they get sick. Shouldn’t we help them keep from getting sick in the first place?”


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