PiE-discussions with EU Health Ministers in Poland

Swedish Radio News (”Ekot”) reported today that discussions, led by Sweden, with EU Health Ministers regarding the addition of environmental requirements to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) ”were successful”. According to Charlotte Unger (Environmental Manager at Swedish MPA), support for the idea of increased environmental control of manufacturing also in countries outside the EU was given by e.g. France, Great Britain, Finland and Denmark. This is of course interesting, although I still believe there is a very long and time-consuming process before there would be any real changes to GMP, in accordance to the proposals presented in MPA’s reports from December 16, 2009, and from June 16, 2011.

And I remain convinced that faster and ”more sustainable” changes would come from the introduction of green economic incentives within the pricing and re-imbursement system. Read more about the ideas of green criteria and green incentives in my blog posts from May 17, May 12, and March 28.

And if Sweden wants to be the true leader when it comes to PiE-issues (Pharmaceuticals in the Environment) in Europe, I would like to see Sweden not only leading discussions within the EU as with the Health Ministers now in Poland, but actually make the changes in the national pricing and re-imbursement system which we can decide upon ourselves directly. To lead by example by introducing green economic incentives for green pharmaceuticals here in Sweden, would be to show real leadership!

Time for me to go back on vacation! See you!

Voxna Bruk, in Hälsingland

Voxna Bruk, in Hälsingland


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