Phase 2 of the MistraPharma project has been granted

Good news for all of us who want to see more knowledge being developed and better understanding on relevant mitigation measures for any environmental impacts from pharmaceuticals:

MISTRA, the foundation for strategic environmental research, have granted a phase two of the MistraPharma program: 52 million SEK, over four years.

It is also interesting to see that on the Board meeting of MISTRA yesterday, another large program in the Biotech/Life Science field was granted: ”Mistra Biotech – More food with less environmental impact”, 40 million SEK to SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). In addition to the natural science part of the project (where Biotech related issues could always be interesting for the Life Science sector as well) the project will also include social science issues such as ethics, consumption patterns, regulatory developments, and improved collaboration between the public and private sector. All of those issues could of course be of interest also for the Life Science sector, e.g. when it comes to implementing green pharmaceutical product criteria and economic incentives (to read more on that particular issue, see my blog post from Sept 20 and the links within that blog post).


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