Pfizer Recognized for Carbon Performance by CDP

You probably know since long that I am proud of Pfizer’s efforts to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2)  and other greenhouse gases (GHG). I have often said that for a company with a motto ”working together for a healther world” it is crucial to have a very strong climate change program. There is a very strong link between global warming and negative health effects. Read more here on ”Climate Change and Human Health – Making the Link”.

I have shown here at the blog, our track record over the years several times before. Our first emission goal was set 2002, where we committed ourselves to reduce emissions by 35% (indexed by sales) from the base year 2000 until 2007. We reached a 43% reduction (which almost equals a 20% reduction in absolute numbers).


Pfizer has also achieved its second public goal to reduce GHG emissions by 20% on an absolute basis from 2008 through 2012 (2007 baseline). As of the end of 2011, we have reduced emissions 21% from the 2007 baseline, achieving our goal a year in advance.

As a consequence of this good performance and open disclosure over several years it was announced today that Pfizer has been commended by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for the actions it is taking to reduce emissions and mitigate the risks of climate change. Pfizer is ranked number two in the health care sector by the CDP for its carbon performance in the U.S. in the S&P 500, and number three in the health care sector in the Global 500. (You could also read, in Swedish, about the Pfizer and CDP announcement on via this link).

I am happy and proud today. It is very rewarding to see that all our efforts and initiatives over the years receive appreciation! And I am actually also happy to see that although we have a very good track record, we are still not the best. Others are showing even better records (in the Global 500 ranking of the health care sector Bayer and Allergan had even stronger performance). That is promising for our planet!

Please read more about Pfizer’s climate change program at our global website, and review our Environment, Health & Safety metrics (including GHG emissions) via this link.

2 comments on “Pfizer Recognized for Carbon Performance by CDP

  1. Lars K skriver:


    Du är stolt över Pfizers miljöarbete? Är du lika stolt över din arbetsgivares mutaffärer runtom i världen. Din fina arbetsgivare tjänar alltså miljarder på att förfalska läkemedelsstudier, muta beslutsfattare, kalla sin giftiga smörja för ”läkemedel”, och sälja skräpet till okunniga, sjuka människor.
    Stolt över Pfizer – hur naiv får man vara!

    Pfizer execs to stand trial for cover-up of drug trial results

  2. Bengt Mattson skriver:

    Ja, jag är stolt över Pfizers arbete! Inte bara miljöarbetet utan även ”kärnverksamheten” där jag själv många gånger har sett hur våra läkemedel räddar livet på människor, samt Pfizers arbete med ansvarstagande och etiska frågor. Ta del av Pfizers Blue Book (”vår uppföranekod”) som innehåller en sammanställning av våra viktigaste policydokument.


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