NMC-seminarium om läkemedels nytta och eventuella miljöpåverkan

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Igår anordnade NMC (Näringslivets Miljöchefer) ett seminarium där läkemedels nytta och deras eventuella miljökonsekvenser diskuterades. Charlotte Unger (miljöchef på Läkemedelsverket och ordförande i forskningsprojektet MistraPharma), Irene Ivarsson (barnmorska) och jag själv gav presentationer innan den avslutande diskussionen.

NMC seminar yesterday

NMC seminar yesterday

NMC (The Swedish Association of Environmental Managers) arranged a seminar yesterday entitled ”Pharmaceuticals – medical benefits and environmental risks”. Charlotte Unger (Environmental Manager at Swedish MPA and Chairperson of MistraPharma), Irene Ivarsson (midwife) and myself gave presentation before the final discussion among all the participants. As always in these meetings, discussions were lively and interesting. A lot of the discussions yesterday were related to contraception and hormonal effects, primarily due to Irene’s background as midwife. Irene even gave several examples of hormone-free contraceptive methodologies. That discussion led to very interesting discussions on ”more-than-medication” and ”moving-beyond-the-pil” examples. For more details on these kind of initiatives to prevent ill-health and promotion of wellbeing you could read e.g. the blog post from Dec 13, 2013 and the links in that blog post.


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