Näringslivslunch hos Sollentuna Kommun – om CSR-initiativ

Sollentuna kommunvapen - compressed

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Idag deltog jag i Sollentuna Kommuns näringslivslunch. Jag var tillsammans med företrädare för 3 andra företag i kommunen inbjuden att berätta om Pfizers CSR-strategi och -arbete. Bra diskussioner och förhoppningsvis en nystart av en djup samverkan mellan näringsliv, kommun och frivilligorganisationer.

I was invited today to Sollentuna Municipality’s ”enterprise lunch” together with representatives from three other companies to talk about CSR-strategies and CSR-programs. In addition to myself, Johnson&Johnson was represented by Erika Kruse, SVEAB by Tobias Andersson, and Nordea by Poya Motai – all of them giving nice examples on what CSR is all about.

My opinion is that CSR-initiatives should,  to be sustainable and valuable for both society and for the business, be linked to the core business. Hence, Pfizer’s initiatives are connected to health and prevention of illnesses. It is also my opinion that we should have global, as well as national and local initiatives. I have over the years presented several of our CSR-initiatives here at the blog.

Examples of Pfizer global initiatives could be our work to fight illnesses in Africa. National examples could be our work on tobacco prevention and the fight against cancer.

When it comes to initiatives connected in one way or another to Sollentuna municipality there are several examples:

- With an environmental sustainability angle: Earth Hour engagement and the environmental profile of our office building in Sollentuna.

- With a social sustainability angle: Collaborations with local schools (Helenelundsskolan and Rudbeck), with organizations such as Swedish church and ”Sollentuna women’s shelter

I hope that today’s discussions will drive further development of interesting CSR-initiatives, in strong collaboration between with Sollentuna’s companies, NGOs and the municipality!




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