Luftföroreningar kan ge cancer

SWEDISH SUMMARY: MiljöAktuellt skriver idag på sin hemsida att dålig luft kan ge cancer. Kanske inte i sig någon jättenyhet, men att WHO nu har fastslagit att dålig luft utgör en ledande orsak till cancer påtalar allvaret i situationen.

The environmental news magazine MiljöAktuellt says today at their website that cancer could be due to air pollution. Perhaps not a very surprising news. However, the fact that WHO have concluded that polluted air is a leading cause of cancer clearly shows the seriousness of the situation. According to MiljöAktuellt, air pollution is now rated in the same category as tobacco smoking and asbestos. Lung cancer dominates the picture – not very surprising. It is claimed that 223 000 lung cancer deaths could have been avoided globally in year 2010 if the air quality would have been better. Scary numbers!


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