Läkemedel i miljön och EcoPharmacoStewardship

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Det händer enormt mycket spännande just nu vad gäller läkemedel och miljö. En av de saker som jag jobbar mest med för närvarande är EFPIAs (den europeiska läkemedelsindustriföreningen) initiativ EcoPharmacoStewradship (EPS).

A lot of interesting things happen right now in the field of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (PiE). One of those things is EFPIA’s (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) initiative called EcoPharmacoStewardship (EPS). EPS is built upon a balanced, evidence-based approach to pharmaceuticals in the environment, and based upon three pillars:

- New expanded model for environmental risk assessment with post-approval activities
- Extension of scientific knowledge base to address existing and new drugs (the EcoRisk Prediction IMI project – read more about ERP on page 164 in this document)
- Industry-wide activities on effluent control from manufacturing

On May 16 I had the privilege (in my role as the co-chair of EFPIA’s task force on pharmaceuticals in the environment, PIETF) to discuss EPS with regulatory experts from several national pharmaceutical trade associations across Europe. Very exciting and interesting. I can promise that I’ll come back with more detailed information on EPS in the months to come.


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