Läkemedel i miljön – möte med EFPIA PIE TF

SWEDISH SUMMARY: I går kväll kom jag hem från Bryssel efter två dagars möte med EFPIA:s (Europeiska läkemedelsindustriföreningen) PIE TF (Pharmaceuticals In the Environment Task Force). Som ni vet från mitt blogginlägg 17 december 2013 är jag numer ordförande (tillsammans med Reinhard Laenge från Bayer) i gruppen. Spännade och utmanande!

Late yesterday I arrived back home from Brussels. We have had a two day meeting with members of the EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) PIE TF (Pharmaceuticals In the Environment Task Force). As you know from my blog post from Dec 17, 2013, I have the honour to chair the group together with Reinhard Laenge from Bayer. I will take over the co-chairmanship from Mike Murray (from ABPI, the pharmaceutical association in the UK) which I have to admit will be a challenge… Mike has been a very strong leader in the pharma industry when it comes to environmental matters for years. Those shoes are not easy to fill…

It was very good and interesting discussions, e.g. on Eco-PharmacoStewardship. EPS is an overarching stewardship approach under development with important parts such as the EcoRiskPrediction project (ERP) within the IMI-framework. Read more about ERP on page 164 in this document.



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