Integrerad rapportering och integrerade rankingar

SWEDISH SUMMARY: I mitt blogginlägg den 16 oktober diskuterade jag rapportering av icke-finansiell information samt integrerad rapportering. MiljöRapporten Direkt presenterade idag en artikel från The Guardian om integrerad rapportering och integrerade rankingar. Intressant läsning!

In my blog post from Oct 16, I discussed reporting of non-financial information and integrated reporting. I am a strong supporter of reporting of non-financial information and do of course see the potential benefits of integrated reporting. As you might remember from the blog post from Oct 16 I liked the very simple argument that Jan Noterdaeme from CSR Europe gave for such reporting:

If you want to know who I am, you do check more than just my bank account. The same rational of course also applies to companies and organizations

I would like today to draw your attention to an article in The Guardian where Allen White writes on ”Beyond corporate reporting: are integrated ratings next?” (thanks to MiljöRapporten Direkt - my favourite sustainability newsletter - for drawing my attention to the article!)

Allen White envisions a future where integrated reporting enables that sustainability related information (”non-financial data”) and financial data together serves as the foundation for ”integrated credit ratings”. I recommend that you read White’s article, interesting discussion!


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