Inlägg nummer 600 – det får handla om MistraPharma

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Blogginlägg nummer 600 här på Ansvarsbloggen! Lika skönt varje gång man når en milstolpe. Och det känns passande att inlägg nummer 600 handlar om världens största pågående forskningsprojekt inom Läkemedel och Miljö: MistraPharma

Blog Post # 600

This is my 600th blog post since we launced the Pfizer Sweden Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Blog back in April 2008. I am very proud that the blog is still alive. It means a lot to me and I hope that you – my dear readers and followers – find value in what I share here at the blog.

The topic of the blog post today is MistraPharma. MistraPharma is a world leading research project in the field of Pharmaceuticals and the Environment. It started back in 2008 and will run until 2015. The total bidget is more than 10 million Euros. I have been on the Board of the project since it started and I had the privilege to attend yesteraday’s meeting with all the researchers and the parallell meeting of the reference group. Such a great gathering of knowledge, skills and professions!

The researchers discussed the different subprojects (some results from Phase 1, but focus of course on results from and plans for Phase 2) and it was a pleasure to take part of that. The discussions with the reference group was dominated by Sweden’s long-term objectives within the area of pharmaceuticals and the environment (see for instance this blog post on the work of the All-Party Committee on Environmental Objectives) and how the knowledge generated by MistraPharma should be utilized to reach those goals. One thing was very clear from the discussions – the network that has been established through MistraPharma and the collaborations and discussions among all relevant stakeholders must survive also after the end of MistraPharma in 2015. That is an important task for us all to work upon during the coming years!

Thanks to the MistraPharma team for a very interesting day!


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