In a few weeks, time for the Almedalen political summit again

Coming back to work after our National Day (which I spent playing the violin in celebrations in both Sollentuna and Täby – just so much fun, although a fairly cold weather…)

Playing the violin

Playing the violin

Back in the office I have spent some time in preparation for the annual political summit in Almedalen. As you may know, every year thousands of people gather in Visby in Sweden to listen to, and discuss with, politicians and representatives from corporations, academia, trade unions, lobbyists and other organisations. If you would have any interest in my perspectives on the few last years’ discussions in Almedalen you could read blog posts such as the one from July 8 last year and July 9 2010.

There are 1379 different seminars presented on the offical Almedalen website. Comparing with the last few years I feel that there are less seminars this year focusing environmental matters and/or CSR-related topics. I do find that somewhat strange, since the importance of sustainability issues do increase all the time!

But I did find 161 seminars related to ”climate and environment”, 93 seminars on ”human rights”, 73 regarding ”wellness and health”, 57 on ”diversity and inclusion”, and 42 seminars related to ”equality”. Seems like I will have a full agenda during the Almedalen week…

For the time being, I know I will participate in two panels during the week:

- in the seminar arranged by CSR Sweden on July 4 (11.00 – 12.00)

- in the seminar arranged by Malmö University regarding Social Innovation on July 6 (15.30 – 17.00)

But more on this later…


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