Hur intresserade är apoteken och patienterna av gröna läkemedel?

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Goran Jassim går på bioentreprenörsprogrammetKI. Han genomför just nu praktik hos mig på Pfizer. Hans uppdrag är att titta på hur pass intresserade apoteken och patienterna är av gröna läkemedel. Finns det en betalningsvilja hos patienterna själva för att få ett miljöbedömt läkemedel? Eller måste en miljöpremie betalas fullt ut av staten för att få genomslag och effekt? Och vilka incitament kan ges till apoteken för att de ska vilja och kunna arbeta för en grönare läkemedelskonsumtion?

Goran Jassim from KI

Goran Jassim from KI

If you have followed my blog during the last few years, you know that I am passionate for green economic incentives within the reimbursement system. According to the environmental report from Sofia Wallström’s Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Inquiry, green incentives should be implemented for products with generic competition. If you have read the report from the Inquiry you have seen that there are several possible types of incentives, some of them paid by the government and some directly by the patient – and of course potentially a mixture of the two.

What we do not know is whether or not the patient is willing to pay more for a ”green drug” – and if he or she is – how much more? And I do of course expect that the patient group is heterogeneous, but are there any demographic or other patterns to be identified. And what about the pharmacies? What kind of incentives, and information, would they need to be able and willing to promote or advocate for ”a greener consumption”?

I am happy to have Goran Jassim, a student from the bio-entrepreneurship program at KI (Karolinska Insitutet), working with me here at Pfizer for the coming two months. He will try to find answers on these and related questions. His findings will be important in the coming discussions with stakeholders on the design of the system for green economic incentives within the generic substitution system in Sweden.

I will regularly come back with information from Goran’s work – an important part on the green journey we all have embarked upon.


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