Hållbarhetskrav i den offentliga upphandlingen

SWEDISH SUMMARY: I artikeln ”Företag kritiserar miljökrav i offentlig upphandling” i dagens nummer av MIljöRapporten framför näringslivet kritik gällande främst bristande uppföljning av hållbarhetskrav kopplade till den offentliga upphandlingen. Claes Sjöberg från MiljöRapporten kommenterar också artikeln på tidningens hemsida.

In an article published in today’s issue of MiljöRapporten, there is an interesting article entitled ”Företag kritiserar miljökrav i offentlig upphandling” (in English roughly: Companies criticize environmental criteria in public procurement). A lot of the criticism is related to the lack of follow-up of the sustainability criteria. If the criteria and the different companies’ responses are never check and/or audited, there is an obvious risk for cheating.

I have discussed sustainability and public procurement several times here at the blog and the need for better follow-ups has been one of my key messages (see for instance the blog posts from June 13 2013, Nov 30 2012, and Sept 26 2012). I fully agree with a lot of the criticism presented in the article, but I also agree with the comments given by MiljöRapporten’s Claes Sjöberg on their web site today. His opinion is that companies need to be open and very outspoken about these problems, i.e. the lack of follow-up proceses, and ”take the fight” if contracts are granted on incorrect material. Companies also need to clearly state to the public purchaser if the criteria are unreasonable or even non-appropriate for the purchase.

I would like to draw your attention to the initiative driven by Pauline Göthberg regarding follow-ups of social responsibility requirements in public procurement. Pauline has together with Miljöstyrningsrådet (MSR – the Swedish Environmental Management Council) developed the Uppföljningsportalen.se. This web tool will increase efficiency in the follow-up process and hopefully also quality. It is a great initiative which should solve a lot of the issues leading to the criticism in the article in MiljöRapoporten. I just hope that also environmental criteria will be part of the Uppföljningsportalen.se in a near future.


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