Green incentives – the discussions continue

Several of the relevant stakeholders regarding green criteria and green incentives for pharmaceuticals met at Stockholm County Council yesterday. This was the second meeting (read my reflections from the first meeting via this link) of the task force group initiated from the round-table discussions at LIF (the association of the reaerach based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden) on March 28, 2011.

Yesterday’s discussions were very fruitful. We had a long and interesting discussion regarding environmental aspects along the life-cycle of a pharmaceutical product. We managed to identify several aspects that we believe could form the basis for green criteria.

Several good ideas to build on...

Several good ideas to build on...

We will meet again on Monday to continue our discussions. But I believe it is safe to say already now based on yesterday’s discussions that the group will include in the recommendations to the next large round-table discussion in end of September criteria on at least:

- discharges to the environment from manufacturing operations,

- environmental risks from active pharmaceutical ingredients excreted from patients, and

- packaging solutions, e.g. appropriate pack sizes in order to limit cassation.

Stay tuned, more to come after next Monday…


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