Green incentives – a brief update

As I mentioned in my blog post from May 12, there would be more to come regarding green pharmaceuticals and green economic inventives after yesterday’s discussions in our stakeholder group. The group were formed on March 28, in the round-table discussions at LIF.

So, what can be said about the discussions yesterday? They were definitely fruitful, and very interesting. We are on our way to outline a model for assessment of ”the greenness” of a pharmaceutical product. And as I already said in the May 12 blog post, some of the aspects we believe could be worth considering during the life cycle of a product are:

- discharges to the environment from manufacturing operations,

- environmental risks from active pharmaceutical ingredients excreted from patients, and

- packaging solutions, e.g. appropriate pack sizes in order to limit cassation.

But we also discussed other environmental/sustainability aspects during the product’s life cycle, e.g.:

- energy consumption, and

- CSR-aspects.

Some of our ideas...

Some of our ideas...

And very promising yesterday was the visit to the group of Kristofer Montell from Health Navigator. The consultants from Health Navigator has an important role to play in the Swedish National Pharmaceutical Strategy. In my previous discussions here on the blog regarding the Pharmaceutical Strategy I have mentioned the so called focus area Sustainable Development. It seems however like the discussions has narrowed in to some extent. From ”sustainable development” which includes both social as well as enviornmental sustainability initatives to ”decrease environmental impacts from pharmaceuticals locally as well as globally”. Personally I feel disappointment that the social dimension is removed from the scope – to me sustainability requires both dimensions (actually even three dimensions – the finacial sustainability perspective as well).

In the discussions with Kristofer from Health Navigator it became clear that our model development, and our ideas regarding environmental criteria and environmental incentives, have several connections to the different drafted initiatives within the environmental focus area in the National Strategy. It will be interesting to see how the process develops over the coming month, and see the resuls when the strategy is presented in June. So, I can end this blog post in the same way as I ended the May 12 blog post.


Stay tuned, more to come…


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