Första styrelsemötet i CSR Sweden

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Igår var det äntligen dags för det första styrelsemötet i nätverksföreningen CSR Sweden. Som jag beskrev i bloggposten den 12 juni är den ideella föreningen numer helt fristående med egna stadgar.

We had the first Board meeting in CSR Sweden yesterday. As you know from my blog post of June 12, CSR Sweden is nowadays a completely independent organization with own statutes. Although we will remain having close collaborations with the Foundation Jobs and Society and Nyföretagarcentrum (from which CSR Sweden has evolved) I believe it will be a strength for us to be officially independent. We had great discussions about our plans for the future and I hope you will notice much more from us in the future.

CSR Sweden has taken yet another important step in becoming an even stronger actor on the sustainability arena!


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