Diskussioner med UNDP och WHO om miljöbedömning av läkemedel

SWEDISH SUMMARY: Idag har jag träffat representanter för UNDP (FN:s utvecklingsprogram) och WHO för att diskutera miljöbedömning av läkemedel. FN:s olika institutioner är intresserade av att hitta en bra miljöbedömningsmodell för läkemedelsprodukter som kan användas inom ramen för deras upphandlingsprogram. De visar stort intresse för den modell som LIF har tagit fram (läs mer i bloggposten från exempelvis 20 juni).

Today I met with representatives from UNDP and WHO to discuss environmental assessments of pharmaceuticals. Several of UN:s different institutions are interested to find an appropriate model for environmental assessments of pharmaceutical products within their global procurement programs. UNDP and WHO showed a great interest in the assessment model propsed by LIF within LIF’s task 7.2 in the Swedish National Pharmaceutical Strategy. The model has a life cycle approach, and environmental aspects include carbon footprint, resource depletion, and management of API residue from manufacturing. To learn more about the model itself and the background to the development please read e.g. the blog post from June 20.

The representatives from UNDP and WHO will meet with Ministry for Health and Social Affairs, the Ministry for Environment, Swedish MPA and others in the days to come. I hope that those discussions will help government to take actions in accordance to the environmental proposals from the Pharmaceutical and Pharmacy Inquiry. As I have mentioned in several blog posts (e.g. Nov 28) lately: It is time to press the green button!

Stay tuned – more to come on this topic!


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